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I'm looking for plans to build a thunder box for my boy scout troops.
Steve Creaser

Monday, September 26, 2016 - 19:22
Steve Creaser

Designed by Bob Foote. 13’6” overall length. Flared hull with max beam 30” tapering to a 27.25” 4” waterline. End depth 16”. Midsection depth 15.25”. Rocker 6”. Approx wt in wood listed as 51 lb. (Add 10 lb for the heavy saddle.) Load with 6” freeboard is 620 lb- which makes it very suitable for tripping.
The canoe was not used much and is in excellent condition. It has always been stored inside,
Asking $800.
My contact information is Stuart Gillespie, 416 801-3105, email

Monday, July 25, 2016 - 12:48
Stuart Gillespie
416 801-3105

Esquif Canyon, red, outfitted with kneeling pads and single thigh straps, float bags bow and stern, interior looks new but cannot say the same for the exterior (lots of scratches but no structural damage). Used on rivers maybe 10 days. Royalex.

Esquif Detonator, yellow, outfitted with saddle and double thigh straps (so called “rodeo straps”) and two float bags (outfitting by Mike Y.), interior looks almost new; exterior blemishes consistent with hard use; used in rivers maybe 50 days. Royalex.

Tha Canyon is a great tripping and play tandem boat. The Detonator surfs superbly for all levels of paddler and plays in competent hands, very easy to hit tiny eddies high and surprisingly easy to roll - not as easy as a ww kayak but easier than my old Ocoee.

These boats live on a lake north of Kingston on the way to Ottawa. Pictures available upon request.

My contacts:; 613-353-5060, 343-989-1224 (cell) or 250-260-6179 (other cell and the preferred phone number after July 8.)

Sunday, July 10, 2016 - 23:14
Asking $1500 per canoe
Barry Hodgins


From Phil Goodwin "Paddle The Rouge is Saturday June 18 and we are looking for volunteers. If you could pass this onto to the Wilderness Canoe Association that would be great, as it would be great if they could be on the river, supervising the paddlers.

Have any interested volunteers contact Jennifer Berney,, at Wildlands League. Volunteers will be required to complete a Police Vulnerable Sector Search. CPAWS will reimburse you for your expenses according to the website.

Event at a Glance
Saturday June 18th 2016 at Rouge Beach Park 195 Rouge Hills Drive, Toronto
●●Over 200 attendees expected
●●2 paddle launches (9am/1pm)
●●Access to beach and trails
●●Youth: Learn to paddle at 11am
●●TTC and GO Transit accessible
(Rouge Hill station) with shuttle service
from parking lots
●●Help & advice on paddling for all

Paddle the Rouge is a celebration of Toronto’s Rouge Park, offering a unique experience to see the Rouge Valley from the river. It is an event for all ages, families and corporations, raising
funds to support Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) Wildlands League’s ongoing
work protecting our parks, especially the Rouge.
Paddle the Rouge offers a one-of-a-kind experience; to enjoy a leisurely paddle in a magnificent
natural setting, even if you don’t own a canoe or kayak. And for youth, we offer a free paddling
Come for the paddle, learn to paddle or just come for the day and enjoy a picnic on the
beach. This year’s event marks our biggest celebration to date.
The event is all ages and will feature:
●● Two general paddles, one launching at 9 am and the second at 1 pm
●● Learn to Paddle, free for youth 18 and under; 1-hour paddling lesson
●● VIP’s in attendance (previous years included the Environmental Commissioner)
●● Picnic & fun on the Beach
●● Beautiful wildlife including Mink, Orioles & Great Blue Heron
●● Prizes for top fundraisers
●● Information booths
●● Educational activities and more!

Why the Rouge?
With 7 million people living within a one hour drive of the Rouge Valley, it is imperative that we
ensure this remarkable natural area and its wildlife are properly protected for the enjoyment
of generations to come. Rouge Park is located on the eastern boundary of the City of Toronto
and houses much of the lower Rouge River watershed – one of the last in Western Lake Ontario
to remain free of urban development.
Rouge Park is home to over 1700 species of plants and animals including 23 species at risk.
The Rouge Valley also contains one of Ontario’s best remaining examples of Carolinian Forest
and the last intact watershed in the area. A properly protected Rouge Park provides the only
ecological connection for wildlife between the Oak Ridges Moraine and Lake Ontario in the
Toronto area.
The current Rouge National Urban Park Act (which received Royal Assent on April 23, 2015)
does not provide adequate protection for the remarkable values of the Rouge watershed. In
fact, the protection is lower than provincial policy and laws. But there is hope. The new federal
government has committed to improving the legislation. This is why Paddle the Rouge is so
important this year. It is imperative that we profile this natural area and what it means to local
people. The law must be strengthened and nature conservation be made the first priority in
management of the new park.

In the first 2 years, Paddle the Rouge went from strength to strength, doubling in size each year.
In 2014 we started with 32 paddlers and in 2015 there were 72 paddlers. In 2015 we added a
free one hour paddling lesson for disadvantaged and new canadian youth. This year we are
expanding yet again.
Paddle the Rouge is an event for all ages, families and corporations. The event attracts outdoor
enthusiasts, paddlers, local residents across the GTA, corporate teams looking for a team
building day, and youth. We market the event, however, across Canada, in support of all our
national parks.
Our supporters are smart brand buyers, socially aware and environmentally conscious, and
appreciate the splendour of nature in their own backyards.
Furthermore, 7 million Canadians live within an hour of the Rouge and marketing will be designed

Marketing & Media
We have the privilege of being part of a national charity and are fortunate to use some of their routes to

CPAWS Wildlands League
A chapter of Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society
All proceeds from Paddle the Rouge will go to CPAWS Wildlands League’s work to support
parks across Ontario, including our work in Rouge Park.
We have been working in the public interest to protect public lands and resources in Ontario
since 1968.
Our work is dynamic. We don’t just talk about an area or an issue. We get to know it inside
and out.
CPAWS Wildlands League is the Ontario chapter of CPAWS,
Canada’s only nationwide charity dedicated solely to
protecting our public lands and water. With thirteen
chapters across Canada, we’re on guard for Canada’s
parks to make sure they are well managed. In the past
50+ years we’ve played a lead role in protecting
over 50 million hectares — an area bigger than
the entire Yukon Territory! Our vision is to protect
at least half of Canada’s irreplaceable wilderness
— forever.

To answer your questions:
1. $30 for individual, 1 canoe
2. $100 for family, 1 canoe
3. No charge for volunteers
4. Jennifer Berney (416) 971-9453 x 46

Added by Gary James

Monday, March 28, 2016 - 13:45
No charge for volunteers, $30 for individual, 1 canoe, $100 for family, 1 canoe,
Jennifer Berney of the Wildlands League
(416) 971-9453 x 46

I have a Gift Certificate for Dogsledding for two in Algonquin Park with Chocpaw Expeditions of South River. It was donated by Chocpaw to help raise money to go toward Diabetes.
Retail value is $550. I have set the minimum bid at $300 OBO.

It doesn't expire until March 31, 2017.

Included is lunch, snacks and hot drinks.

Chocpaw is first class and you and your sledding partner will thoroughly enjoy yourselves.

Great way to spend the long weekend, or any weekend.

Gift Certificate - Dog sledding for 2 - Algonquin Park
Monday, February 8, 2016 - 19:17
Jack Frimeth
519 212 3817

Please hold Saturday March 5, 2016 for the WCA Annual General Meeting. Details to follow.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016 - 17:10
Geri James

Just for your information, the Royal Canadian Mint will be striking a “Canoe Across Canada” series.

Each coin is a silver ten-dollar coin. The coins will be distributed each month beginning February 3 for six months. Each coin will cost $44.95 and subscribers will receive a model canoe display box.

For further information visit

Monday, January 26, 2015 - 17:40
Jeff Haymer
416 635 5801

Hi There,

Just a quick note to tell you that you can read the latest Nastawgan online. After you login at WCA website, go to Journal\Download Current Issue section or click on the link below.

Another great piece of work by Toni, Peter and all contributors - thank you!


Nastawgan Team

Tuesday, June 15, 2010 - 16:36
Aleks Gusev
416 433 8413

Roni Furst has made a formal agreement with the MNR to publish those brochures that most of us remember from the good old days.

They will appear in book format (rather than as is). This is a cost-recovery-only enterprise on her part, started 4 years ago. Perhaps you saw the copies that she placed at the book table at WCS 2010. The two volumes total about 4 inches thick.

At the moment, she is working only on brochures for Ontario north of the Mattawa-French. If you have old brochures that you would like to lend to her (yes, she will return them), please email her at  . Again, she is working on northern Ontario at the moment so please ask before sending her brochures for the Mattawa, the French and the south.

You can make a real contribution to paddling in Ontario by sifting through those files and telling her what you have available, hey, maybe even please your partner.

For CCR chat on this topic, go to

Monday, April 19, 2010 - 10:31