Be a Gord!

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Be a Gord.

This posting short, sweet and to the point.

Even though this is pretty saturated with the passing of Gord Downie I have a challenge for you.

I would say I am a fan of his music, I am much more a fan of the man who gave his name and his effort to save our waters.

I have long been involved in the fight to protect our rivers.
One of the things I felt most disheartened by was the lack of passion of people to put their names on the line.
Gord DID!
Even before his diagnosis.
He was a board member of Lake Ontario Water Keeper.
For those of us involved to protect our watersheds, it was something that we do not see.

If you are passionate about your rivers and lakes this is the challenge I have for you.

Be a Gord

Put your name and voice on the line!