Notice to members on waiver of liability for WCA outings.

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An important message to members from the WCA Outings Committee

While our WCA outings are run to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for our members, we understand that outdoor activities such as canoeing carry certain risks. When you first join the WCA, as well as on your membership renewals, you acknowledge this risk and indicate your understanding of it, and agree to the conditions of our WCA waiver of liability, which is posted in its entirety in the Outings Section of this website. To further enhance our risk management program, we will be including in the outings submission template for trip organizers the embedded wording: By signing up for this trip you also agree to the conditions in the WCA liability waiver. Please locate it on the WCA website under the Outings tab. It will take some time to have the IT work done to create this. In the interim, we would ask outings organizers to include this sentence at the end of your trip description. If you do not do this, the outings committee will contact you to request its inclusion before the outing is posted. Unfortunately, if the outings committee adds the wording, it will remove the ability of the organizers to subsequently make any changes to their postings, such as revised dates. Consequently, we would appreciate the organizer’s assistance to add the waiver wording to enable them to remain able to subsequently modify their posting, if need be.

Outings organizers, please note that when members register as participants through the website, they will in doing so agree to the waiver provisions. If you are contacted by someone by email to request to join your trip, please ask them to register through the website so they automatically agree to the waiver. For those who do not register through the website, including non-member friends coming on the trip, we would ask the organizer to print the waiver form, have these participants sign it, and email a scanned copy back to the WCA outings mailbox for our records.

We appreciate our outings organizers and participants’ cooperation in helping us make our club outings activities as safe and well-run as possible.