Ontario Bill 229 Schedule 6

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Some of you may consider this as political and yes, it is, but in this case I feel it is vitally important that we as an outdoor community gets involved.
I have shared a post of an example from Alberta on how bad legislation can really infringe on our ability to get out in the areas we love.

Ontario conservative Government - Bill 229 Schedule 6.

Many of you are probably aware of the growing number of upset groups and people over the provisions of this bill and its effect on the various Conservation Authorities in Ontario.

When you get these provincially mandated groups and the areas they represent being incredibly vocal over these changes you need to sit up and pay attention.

When you get a lifetime Conservative like David Crombie presently the Chair of the Green Belt Council and 6 other members of this group resign over this you better pay attention.
The action by these people is un-precedented!


If you are wondering what this has to do with canoe tripping or backcountry travel, this circumnavigating around current environmental rules and planning is a shot across our bow.
We have to look no further than what is happening in Alberta with the privatization of public
parks and lands.
I quote “

“Check out the video this Hunter made of an area now proposed as an open pit coal mine for which he was fined $600

We have to stop this kind of legislation in Ontario now or face some severe issues in the future like those in the Alberta outdoor community are confronting now.

Contact your local conservation area club or group on how best be involved.
And we do need your help.

As the WCA Conservation Chair I could really use some help and need members to get involved in this issue.
If all goes according to plan this week I will be on shelf for a few weeks as I undergo some shoulder surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff that has kept me out of the boat (and just about everything else) since mid September.
We really need a very strong presence in this issue from all members of the outdoor community.
Thank you for any effort you can add!