Still searching for 50s & 60's whitewater paddlers.

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I am still finding lots of holes to fill in my search for 50's & 60's White water paddling history.
One of them is the open boaters.
I know that this time period played a major roll in how open canoe paddling/instruction developed in our province.
Before many of todays groups were founded many of these open boaters were involved with the kayakers of the time, many with the Ontario Voyageurs Kayak Club. (OVKC)
Going through old membership lists I discover that when I was a kid they had members like George Lust founder of the Wilderness Canoe Symposium (now named in tribute to him)
These paddlers influenced me a ton and helped take me on a paddling journey around the world.
We need to save these stories and images of their contribution to our WW paddling history.
If you know of any I invite you to join this cause of recording and saving their stories.


PS this will be an on going project because we know this information may be a little slow coming out as personal treasures are found.