Trip planning challenges we face today.

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With all the closures and state of emergency just enacted this is another great opportunity for wilderness training.
With social media on fire you can really get some great insights on how people handle themselves when there is pressure on.
On any type of outdoor trip #$%$ can hit the fan.
It can be weather, injury or natural events like forest fires.
You can see by their posts that if they are panicking now, what would they be like on a trip?
Like everyone else I have had tons of planned activities delayed.
Just delayed.
I am also "slightly" involved in senior care but have also offered help to other seniors in my area.
And like many others my age who are seniors helping other seniors we also have our own issues, I am concerned, but not panicked. It does not help.
So take this as a training exercise for your trips.
Adapt, adjust, change your plans.
And dream! about how much more you will cherish your trips when you do go.
I imagine many more people will be stopping and taking in the little things much more after this is all over.