WCA Outings Partner Match

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The WCA Partner Match program is designed to help members who want to participate in club outings but need a partner, canoe, or car pool arrangement to contact other members who want to go on the outing but need a partner.

Members who post on this Forum agree in doing so to allow other WCA members to contact them at the email address or telephone number provided. Note; only WCA members will be able to see your information.
All arrangements are between the individual members only. It is the responsibility of each party to determine the suitability of the matching. The WCA assumes no responsibility for the outcome of these arrangements.
We suggest that following information would be helpful in finding the match:
*Outing Name: *Outing Date:
*Member Name:
*Email address:
Telephone Number:
*What you need:
□ Partner for tandem canoe paddling.
□ Canoe
□ Transportation (Need partner with car.)
□ Camping gear (tent, stove, etc.)
□ Someone to car pool with. (Have transportation but want to share expenses)
□ Other (specify):
If wanting transportation or car pooling, location where you live:
Canoeing skill level: □ Novice □Intermediate □ Advanced