Wilderness First Aid Training Course

For those people who wish to do back country tripping, or white water day paddling, this course is something you should consider. This is especially so if you are considering organizing such activities! Make sure there is at least one person on your trip (preferable two, as the person who has the certification could be the person needing the help).
It is a two day course run by the 'Canadian Wilderness Medical Training organization. If interested check out www.cwmt.ca
Primarily this course has the same approach as a standard First Aid course, but with a focus of ... how do administer this when you are 'out in nature', or even better, in the wilderness. The instructor will not only train you in how to help someone who has: drown, broke a bone, developed a rash, suffered a bite, got an infection ... etc, but also, how do you prepare to evacuate said victim in the most timely and safe fashion.

The Basics
Event Location: 
Toronto - exact location still to be determined.
Date(s) & Time: 
Saturday, May 4, 2019 (All day)
Registration Cut Off: 
Must have 10 people by April 16, 1019.
Event Duration: 
Two days - May 4 and 5th
Difficulty Rating: 
Participant Info
Who's Invited: 
WCA members first. If not full, friends, family, paddle partners etc.
Maximum Group Size: 
TBD - It depends on venue
Minimum Group Size: 
Must have 10
Itinerary description: 

Two full days.
The cost of the course will be around $260. This covers the cost of the instructor and the cost of renting the space where this will be held.

Required Items to Bring: 

Dress in comfortable clothes and bring clothing to go outside and spend a little time there.

Recommended Items to Bring: 

Paper and pen.

How to Get There
Event Directions: 

TBD ... Toronto Center. This event will be updated as soon as this is determined.

Cancellation Policy: 
If you sign up, as of April 16th if the course 'is a go' ... no refunds!
Event Coordinator/s Contact Information
Contact (Name): 
iori miller
please use email, thank you.